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eos Projekt – Competence meets Passion

“Competence meets Passion” – eos projekt Engineering Company mbH

For us at Fokuspokus, it is always an exciting challenge to lay a company’s identity on the digital presentation platter. This time, it was the honor and privilege to work with eos projekt GmbH, an international and independent engineering company that specializes in innovative solutions for complex projects in the field of sea and land cable installation.

Under the motto “Competence meets Passion”, eos projekt drives the economic growth of the offshore industry in the North and Baltic Sea, the East Coast of America, and Taiwan, promoting sustainable growth in the field of renewable energy. Since its foundation in 2008 by managing director Henning Mueller, eos projekt has grown to about 30 highly motivated experts and specialists who bring their extensive experience and engineering knowledge into demanding projects.

We captured this vibrant mix of technology, innovation, and passion in a complete web relaunch for eos projekt. Our team developed a new design and a custom WordPress theme for the website to reflect the professionalism and dedication of eos projekt. But we wanted to do more than just create a slick website, we also wanted to bring to life the people and the vision behind eos projekt.

Therefore, we additionally produced a mood film that captures the atmosphere and philosophy of eos projekt. Two interview films provide insights into the company and shed light on the important topic of occupational safety. The project was rounded off by the creation of image photos for use on the website.

We are proud of the result and are grateful for the collaboration with such a committed and innovative company like eos projekt Engineering Company mbH. Working on this project, we once again understood the significance of the motto “Competence meets Passion” and it was a pleasure to transfer this passion to the digital platform.

Check out the result at:

Auftraggeber eos Projekt
Auftragszeitraum 2023
Projektmanagement Kennth Hasenfuß
Design/Art Direction Philipp Seiffert
Photography Nico Herzog, Nooruldeen Al-Jammali
Web Development Sören Balke



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